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An explainer video is a brief video (one to 3 minutes) that introduces individuals to your company or item and discusses exactly what you perform in an amusing and engaging manner. An explainer isn't an ad or a sales pitch, although they normally consist of a call to action. It's an introduction created to obtain possible clients interested enough in your company to desire to learn more - and perhaps ultimately transform.

In truth, explainer videos are proven to assist increase conversions - in many cases by as much as 80 percent. Video engages customers; inning accordance with one survey, more than 90 percent of consumers think that video is practical to decision-making, and 64 percent of users are most likely to purchase an item online after seeing a video. Why is this the case? Well, video has a couple of advantages over other types of marketing.

With that in mind, the real process of making an explainer isn't really that difficult, particularly given that there are plenty of tools like online animation makers or storyboard software to assist you. The most tough - and perhaps crucial - part of the procedure is the development of the script.

When you have a script, the animation itself does not have actually to be made complex. A basic whiteboard video or two-dimensional animation can get the job done. Concentrate on getting your message across, being amusing, and providing customers what they need, and your explainer video can assist take your start-up to a whole new level.

What is an Explainer Video?

Marketing strategies change over time and video marketing strategies are no exception. As people get busier, their time and attention for other things get shorter too. The marketers have adjusted their methods according to consumer behavior.

Don't create long videos about a product or brand that people will ignore. Create short clips that catch consumers’ attention and establish engagement. That’s why explainer videos became popular. Explainer videos are short video clips that run for only two minutes or less. Use fun, creative themes to grab consumers’ attention. Be strategic with your script to convey promotional messages.

Explainer videos focus on one of two things. How your product works or how it will help target consumers address their needs and desires.

Here is a list of goals that explainer videos aim to achieve:

Increase Brand Awareness
Explainer videos use visual and audio elments to capture your Brand’s personality. Viewers remember your business name and develope a positive feeling toward it.
Explain the Purpose and Goals of Your Business
There is no better way to make people understand your goals than to explain them in an engaging way. Explainer videos use straightforward approaches that minimize fluff. They let the audience process only the important details and avoid confusion.
Improve Your Business’ Online Visibility
Explainer videos attract more traffic to your business website. You place videos on important pages that need traffic.
Provide Useful Information
More than explaining your business goals and purposes. Explainer videos can provide information about your product that consumers can use. When people understand a products uses, they are more willing to buy.
Increase Conversions
Your business can only profit from your explainer videos when the viewers buy. Explainer videos use prompts in the script that persuade the viewers to click the “buy” or “add to cart” button.

There are various sub categories of Explainer Video. These include: Animated Explainer, Animated Explainer Video, Animated Video, Blackboard Video, Chalkboard Video, Doodle Animation, Doodle Video, Drawing Animation, Drawing Video, Drawn Typography, Sketch Video, Whiteboard, Whiteboard Animation

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